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Greetings from The New Covenant Church of Christ where we believe that all things are possible with God. We want to welcome you as you come into a new phase of your life with Jesus Christ the author of all things.

Our Mission

Our mission is to save those souls which are lost.  We know that in Christ lives begin to transform.  We want to invite each of you to come worship with us and learn the Christian life, through teaching and preaching of the gospel. The New Covenant Church of Christ.  “We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us."

Our areas of Focus are

Teaching the Word of God

The New Covenant Church of Christ believes in building bridges with the community and the world through God's word. 

We are excited to spread God's word through spirit and truth. We welcome  you to fellowship with us at our Guin, Alabama campus or online each Sunday to receive the word of God.

We are here to serve God's people, his purpose and pursue his kingdom!
teaching the word of godchurch community for West Marion Church of Christ

Building a Church Community

We believe the first step in building a community is evangelization. This refers to communicating the gospel message so that non-believers will come into contact with Christ and experience his transforming power. Evangelism should be done through personal sharing of one's own faith journey as well as inviting others to hear about Jesus from those who have been changed because of him (including ourselves).
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